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Do you use chemical drain cleaners regularly in Santa Monica?

Clogged Kitchen

It is understandable that you, within your firm purpose of keeping your sinks and pipes free, opt for chemical cleaners. But it would help if you did not give them complete confidence, since excessive use can cause problems in your pipes, and within these is the clogged kitchen.

Whether clogs happen all the time or just a few, they happen when you least expect them. Fortunately, these “pests” are easy to remove with the right tools, but you should never use a chemical drain cleaner.

While chemical drain cleaners can help clear debris from your pipes, the chemical mix could do more harm than good, according to our clogged kitchen in Santa Monica experts.

Why Is It Unsafe To Use A Chemical Drain Cleaner?

This question is critical, especially since it involves information that most homeowners are unaware of. So here’s a list of reasons why you shouldn’t rely so much on cleaning chemicals:

  • Run pipelines over time.

One of the biggest problems with using a chemical drain cleaner is that over time, the mixture has the power to eat away at plumbing pipes. And when a pipe does corrode, no repair can fix it more than replacing it entirely.

Another thing to keep in mind about using a chemical-based drain cleaner is that if your home has PVC pipes, which are generally indestructible, you can eat them much more comfortably than a cleaner through galvanized steel or copper.

  • It is a risk to your health

Use a chemically made drain cleaner in a poorly ventilated area, such as a bathroom without a window or fan. It can be extremely damaging to your respiratory system over time. Also, one other thing to know: if you use one chemical drain cleaner and mix it with another, there’s a chance you could create a noxious gas.

  • It’s just a temporary solution.

While a drain cleaner may promise to remove stubborn residue from your drain in a matter of seconds, it’s only a matter of time before your drain pipe clogs again, as the chemical drain cleaner won’t effectively touch every inch. square of the drain surface.

To get a deep drain clean and avoid a clogged kitchen in Santa Monica, it’s best to have one of our plumbers perform a professional drain cleaning.

When you have plumbing problems, contact Angelino’s Plumbing Emergency Services Pacific Palisades. It has the best plumbers in the city, they have the experience and knowledge to solve all your plumbing problems.

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