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Garbage Disposal Leak Detection?

Leak Detection

In the kitchen, leaks can occur in numerous pipes, including common appliances.

We will set a stage for you; the cabinets and cubicles under your sink have been damp for several days. You’re not sure where it came from, but there’s a puddle of water and everything under it is soaked. Could your waste disposal unit be leaking?

Our plumbing and leak detection specialists know how annoying it is to find unexplained leaks in a faulty fixture. And it may not be true that your waste disposal unit is faulty, however something is causing it to leak, which is specifically the problem.

If you have soggy cabinets or a smelly puddle under your sink, chances are your garbage disposal needs to be repaired.

In circumstances like these, you can follow a brief guide to recognize the source of your drip disposal unit and some possible causes as to why it might be leaking.

  • Determine the location of the leak
    The initial step in finding out the reason for the waste disposal unit leak is to find out where the leak is originating from. The reasons depend on the place of the leak, if it originates from the sides or from the bottom, for example. Let’s take a closer look at the various leak locations:
  • By the side
    When the water comes from one side, the drain lines can cause the leak. There are two connections where the drain lines join the disposer. Expect the leak to come from these hoses. In that case, you should call our plumbing and leak detection professionals to have the hoses tightened or resealed.
  • On top
    A leak from above the waste disposal unit may show a problem with the sink flange. There is a type of adhesive or putty that bonds the disposal to the sink, and if this product comes loose it can cause a significant leak. However, it is an easy and really cheap service.
  • In the background
    When garbage disposals leak from the bottom, it may be due to a broken seal or water is leaking from the reset button listed directly below. Broken seals are not unusual, but are usually the result of extreme wear and tear from everyday use. Unfortunately, most of the time a bottom leak occurs, you have to change the entire system.

Now you know that pinpointing the source of the leak can show you exactly what’s wrong with your garbage disposal. From there, you can choose whether or not you can get it repaired or if you need a whole new system. There are a few things you can do with your current disposer to prevent leaks.

How To Prevent Garbage Disposal Leaks.

To protect your current disposal unit from breaking or leaking, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid throwing stubborn food particles or chunks of food into the disposer. Only soft foods should decrease drainage.
  • Never pour bleach or other chemicals down the drain.
  • Check and clean your garbage disposal often.
  • Never put paper, coffee or eggshells in your garbage disposal
  • Run cold water down the drain while using the garbage disposal.

Following these simple tips and habits can extend the life of your garbage disposal by avoiding sudden repair or replacement costs. Expect that you will find that you need a repair job or more accurate leak detection. In that case, it is best to call our specialists.

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