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Learn More About The Top Benefits Of Regular Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Drain is part of the plumbing infrastructure that is used all the time, even if you don’t realize it. Just think about what slows down the drain every day; For example, you flush various types of grease and food particles down the drain after cleaning up meals. When you shower, hair, soap, and dirt work their way through your home’s plumbing system.

So if you don’t clean your shower and sink drains often, all the buildup can wreak havoc on your home’s pipes and drains. That’s why it’s vital to schedule drain cleaning regularly to lessen future problems and damage to your home.

Benefits Of Drain Cleaning

As with anything, regular maintenance has many benefits. In the case of drain cleaning, these are some:

  • Improves the life of your drain: Cleaning is a key element in increasing the life of your drain pipes by minimizing the damage that can gradually build up.
  • Eliminates bad odors: Drain cleaning removes food particles and debris that get trapped in drain pipes. After an expert drain cleaning, bad odors will disappear.
  • Faster, unblocked drain – Drains can be susceptible to gradually clogging, leading to serious clogs. Cleaning your drains can remove clogs and you’ll even see faster drainage as a result!
  • Avoid costly repair jobs: When you schedule routine drain maintenance, you can often catch minor problems before they become major ones. Whether you have old pipes, overflowing pipes, or clogged destructive pipes, your plumber will be able to identify them early on.

How Often Is Drain Cleaning Recommended?

Keeping drains clean is a vital part of house maintenance tasks and its optimal functioning. Choosing how often to clean your drain pipes depends on the size of your home, how much you use your drain pipes, and more.

Some small homes can get away with “as needed” cleaning, while larger homes may need expert drain maintenance more frequently. In principle, annual maintenance is suggested regardless of these conditions. It’s a great idea to talk to our plumbers about a suggested drain cleaning schedule based on your usage.

Prevention of blockages in the drain

After an expert drain cleaning, it is necessary to follow some of our plumbers’ suggestions to avoid future problems:

  • Show what you put in the sink, toilet and shower drain.
  • Acquire a grid or drain screen.
  • Remove hair, soap, and other particles from your sink drain plugs every few weeks.
  • Avoid pouring over-the-counter chemical cleaners down the drain, as they can cause plumbing problems.
  • Run hot water through bathroom drains weekly to remove any buildup.
  • Have cold water running when your garbage disposal is on

Taking these preventative maintenance steps and purchasing a routine drain cleaning company can help prevent major problems. Leaving drains unmaintained can lead to extreme clogging or perhaps a blockage that could lead to damaged pipes, reduced water quality, and potential health risks.

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