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Slab leak detection in Brentwood Heights is a process used to identify leaks in the water lines that run under the concrete foundation of your home. This type of leak can occur in both hot and cold water lines and can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Defective plumbing fixtures or pipes
  • Pipe Corrosion
  • Damage to pipes due to construction or other activity

If you suspect you may have a slab leak, you must contact Angelino’s Plumbing Emergency Services Pacific Palisades as soon as possible. Slab leaks can cause significant water damage to your home and can also send your water bill skyrocketing.

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When it comes to identifying slab leaks throughout Los Angeles, our team is made up of knowledgeable professionals who know exactly how to spot the reasons why your plumbing problem occurred.

Is the plumbing in your house failing? If leaky pipes are becoming a problem, then it’s time to call Angelino’s Plumbing Emergency Services Pacific Palisades. Our team is highly trained and qualified to tackle even the most difficult leaks, including those that require Slab leak detection in Brentwood Heights.

If you recently noticed that the water drain is randomly leaking under the foundation of your house, this does not mean that the foundation is defective. Rather, this points to a “slab leak,” which is when the plumbing begins to leak under or into the foundation. To ensure your slab leaks are fully repaired and no further damage is done, we use state-of-the-art technology in all of our repairs.

Signs That May Indicate That You Have Slab Leaks At Home

The difference between a normal water leak and a slab leak is that while water leaks can be easily seen most of the time (unless they are internal leaks), a slab leak is covered by the floor and several inches of concrete. If it’s a hot water line, you may notice some warm spots on your floors and carpets. Another factor is that low water pressure can indicate a slab leak problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

slab leak detection

Subtle moisture

slab leak detection

Presence of mold

slab leak detection
A drastic increase in the water bill.
slab leak detection
Restroom Repair
slab leak detection
Moisture stains on the floor