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The Phenomenon Of The Clogged Sink During The Holidays And How To Avoid It

Clogged Sink

It always seems to take place at the worst times, and among them are family vacations. The whole family is in town, and you have to prepare a complex dinner, and all of a sudden your plumbing clogs. Now you’re still having a hard time getting whatever works while leftover food bubbles down the drain.

Sink clogging is a common kitchen area problem during events. The combination of reckless food disposal and a sudden, not just increased, need for the sink drain ensures that it results in a catastrophe. That’s why we’re going to explain why your pipes always seem to get blocked during the holidays and how to avoid it this year.

The best way to avoid a blocked sink is to know how your plumbing works to catch any problems; The first thing to understand about clogged pipes on vacation is to spot them. Leaving a blockage on for many days not only makes your kitchen area smell bad and your sink stop draining, it can also lead to broken pipes and with it an expensive visit to a plumbing professional and a whole host of water damage. So be sure to pay attention and don’t let clogs go too long unresolved.

If your sink starts to slow or smell bad, a clog may be setting in. You may also want to collect drain cleaning fluid as your sink clogs with increasing frequency, but our plumbing technicians recommend that you limit your use of chemicals because they can also damage your pipes.

If this circumstance is true, you need a plumbing professional to take care of your clogged sink in Eastern Malibu so that the holidays run smoothly and the family enjoys them.

Why Are The Holidays Even Worse?

The drains always seem to get blocked when they are most needed; for example, you are cooking for the entire visit, but in reality, all that extra activity is causing the problem.
You are putting more demands on your sink and the plumbing system in general when cooking for more family and guests.

Also, the rush and stress of vacations can cause you to make careless decisions regarding your plumbing, for example, the disposal of organic materials in the waste disposal unit.

According to our plumbing professionals, Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners are some of the busiest of the year since people start trying their best to get their pipes in the rush of the holidays.

How to avoid a clogged sink during Christmas and New Years dinner?

Corrective actions will always be the best approach to avoid plumbing problems. That’s why it’s important to follow 3 top tips during the holiday season to prevent a clogged sink in Eastern Malibu:

1.- Dispose of food properly
We understand you’re in a hurry, and it can be appealing to try to throw whatever it is, but the most important thing you can do to prevent a clogged sink is to dispose of your food in the garbage disposal properly. Your sink has limited capacity and therefore cannot treat all food waste at once, and specific waste should never go down the sink.

For example, poultry bones and skin, stringy vegetables, and vegetable peelings are all things to throw in the trash, not down the sink. Those examples can get tangled or jammed on their stripper blades, stopping them dead in their tracks. Even if they make it to the disposal, they can hang lower in the pipes and cause problems.

2. Give your waste disposal unit a long life
Your garbage disposal will be working overtime this holiday, so be sure to offer him some time to do his homework. Take note of the sound you make and make sure it doesn’t sound required. When the disposer begins to make a steady hum instead of the normal squeak, turn it off immediately and clear the clog by hand.

A great way to prevent your garbage disposal from clogging is to allow plenty of time to run before and after you take out your food. Turn on the disposer and let it run for about thirty seconds before adding food. Then let it run for a minute, letting the water run the whole time as well.

3.- Rinse with hot water.
Another big culprit for blocked sinks is animal-based grease that slows down drainage. The holidays are one of the few times we roast turkeys, and the fat is not fit for plumbing. The best thing to do is put the bacon and turkey fat in an empty can, let it cool, and dispose of it separately.

But if you’re in a rush, you may be tempted to flush the grease down the drain and run some hot water up the back to keep it from solidifying in the pipeline. However all it does is coat your pipes in an increasingly thick layer of grease. If you need to put oil in the pipelines, run cold water to solidify the grease and let it run down the drain instead of adhering to the sides.

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