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Clogged Sink? These Are The Most Common Causes in Santa Monica

Clogged Sink

With constant use, no plumbing system will clog, and there is no other way to avoid this situation.

One of the most common plumbing problems homeowners face is a clogged or slow moving drain in the bathroom sink. a little time, as well as the right tools.

What Causes A Clogged Sink?

Before we get into the treatment of fixing a blocked bathroom drain, let’s discuss the root causes of the problem.

Typically, bathroom sink clogs arise from a mix of hair, dirt, and skin flakes adhering to sticky soap scum that collects on the walls of drain pipes or snags on the dipstick, the swivel or drain line plug.

Due to the fact that it is the bathroom sink, things like toothpaste, cold cream, and also phlegm can also increase the blockage. This combination of dirt builds up bacteria in it, so when you unplug it from the sink, what looks like black sludge builds up, and it’s not nice at all!

How To Fix Your Clogged Sink

Here are some crucial tips to clear the clog in your sink:

Step #1: Discard and clean the plug as well.
Depending on the style of your sink, you can either pry the plug out of the drain hole opening, or you may need to remove the pivot post first. To dispose of the pivot rod, loosen the pivot rod nut by hand or with pliers and also remove the pivot rod before removing the stop.

Once you remove the plug, it’s possible that the source of your clog is simply a buildup of hair and debris. So it’s just a matter of untangling the hair from the plug and cleaning the plug before replacing it in the drain tube hole along with the pivot rod.

The clog is most likely caused by hair and dust wrapped around or near the pivot bar after it has been removed.

To get rid of that clog, you’ll have to improvise a bit. You can use a lightweight wire, such as a steel wall hanger, and even a short piece of wire that you can bend and make into a limited hook.

Run some hot water to help remove dust and see if the clog is gone. If the water is still backing up or the sink won’t drain, an additional blockage in the line is creating a clog.

Step #2: Use boiling water.
The search phrase here is “boiling”. Normal hot water from the sink will not work. The water has to be hot enough to dissolve the organic matter that has accumulated in the drain.

Although this is a conventional remedy, we ask that you do not use boiling water if the pipes are made of PVC. The heat of the water can cause pipe joints to loosen.

If your sink is porcelain, you should never put boiling water directly into the sink as the heat can cause it to crack. You should pour the water directly down the drain.

Step #3: Try the plunger.
The above steps work for minor clogs, but if your sink clog is due to a more significant clog, you may be able to remove it with a pusher cup.

Fill the sink halfway with water, then place the plunger over the hole in the drain tube and look for an excellent limited seal. Make quick, steady dips to clear the clog. The clog may take several times to loosen.

Between each dive, check to see if the water has actually started to drain from the pipes.

Step #4: Drain the snake.
A drain snake is an adaptable hand auger commonly used to remove larger blockages in pipes. You can buy one for around $15 at your local home improvement or equipment store.

The drain snake works in the opposite way to a plunger. Instead of using suction to dislodge it, turn the crank to push the snake in further once the drain snake hits the clog. This causes parts of the blockage to break free and allow it to continue down the tubes. The snake can also grab several of the obstructions as it removes them, allowing you to remove them.

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