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Slab Leak Detection

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slab leak detection

The Slab Leak Detection Process

A slab leak should be considered a serious matter because it can range from a basic bad odor to asbestos development and even a change in the foundation of your property. Consequently, finding and reporting a slab leak promptly is very important to the health of your family as well as the stability and well-being of your residential or commercial property. Fortunately, at Angelino’s Plumbing Emergency Services Pacific Palisades, we have specialists who can identify these types of leaks thanks to advanced modern technology as well as the devices and years of experience behind them.

Signs That May Indicate That You Have Slab Leaks At Home

The difference between a normal water leak and a slab leak is that while water leaks can be easily seen most of the time (unless they are internal leaks), a slab leak is covered by the floor and several inches of concrete. If it’s a hot water line, you may notice some warm spots on your floors and carpets. Another factor is that low water pressure can indicate a slab leak problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

slab leak detection

Subtle moisture

slab leak detection

Presence of mold

slab leak detection
A drastic increase in the water bill.
slab leak detection
Restroom Repair
slab leak detection
Moisture stains on the floor

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slab leak detection

Slab Leak Repair

Now that many more homes are using concrete slab foundations, rather than traditional jack-up foundations, it is becoming much more popular to start addressing base leaks, using slab leak technology. Especially in the case of hidden leaks, which can cause a lot of damage over time, at Angelino’s Plumbing Emergency Services Pacific Palisades, our expert services are essential to correct damage caused by slab leaks. We can completely fix any of your plumbing problems and completely restore your home or business.

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