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Drain Cleaning Why Is It So Vital For Your Home?

When the drainage pipes are not kept in order, the functioning of the entire plumbing is jeopardized, and one of the most common and annoying consequences is the accumulation of water that, when stagnant, produces bad odors. In addition to odors, it lends itself to the formation of colonies of insects and fungi that can trigger health problems. To make matters worse, water can seep into structures in your home, causing floors and walls to become stained or warped. Other insects such as rodents and cockroaches use the water to drink. A prompt drain cleaning in Pacific Palisades service will help prevent any problems.

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Why Are Drains Clogged?
House drains are narrow, and it is easy for them to get clogged under construction if they are not maintained. Everyday objects like hair, soap, food bits, and grease block them by accumulating in the drain. The wrong type of paper can also clog your toilet drain, so be sure to use toilet paper designed for this purpose. When young households live in your home, it’s common for very young children to flush their toys down the toilet to see what happens, and you know the consequences of this. A serious cause of slow or stopped drainage can be the septic system. A septic tank that hasn’t been cleaned in a long period can cause sewage to back up through the drain pipes into the house. Another cause of clogged drains is masses of small tree roots penetrating the main underground drain. Our plumbers can remove them and guide our customers on how to keep the drain clean. You should never pour grease down a drain because it causes dishwashing grease and regular soap to coagulate and form clogs. These are just some of the steps you can take to keep your drain pipes clean. Get in touch with our experts and we will give you more advice and services, but above all, do not forget to schedule a  drain cleaning in Pacific Palisades.

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