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Everything You Need To Understand About Slab Leaks

Slab Leak Detection

As a homeowner, it’s important to know a few facts about leaking slabs. The details help us take preventative measures, report indicators of damage, and also contact us for inspection and repair of ceramic tile leaks.

A slab foundation leak occurs when a pipe that runs through or under the concrete pad begins to leak. Poor configuration, as well as substandard piping products, are the main root causes of part leaks.

The stress of low tide, a wet floor, sudden spikes in water costs, as well as a lingering foul odor are all signs of active leaks going unnoticed. By the time you discover cracks around windows and doors, a leak may have already begun to damage your foundation. Leaks reveal excess soil moisture below the foundation, which can lead to unplanned movement. When this occurs on a flat surface, it can shift, crack, or even sag.

If you think there is an active leak in the slab, call a plumber for an inspection and repair. A plumber can fix leaks or replace pipes to protect your residence from further damage. Fortunately, your property owner’s insurance plan may cover the costs of repairing structural leaks. A qualified plumber can help you file your claim to protect your solutions.

A professional leak detection service can help you with prevention, assessments, and any necessary foundation repairs.

How leaks develop in slab

Leaks in the slab are due to multiple elements, many of which pertain to the age and continued use of the pipe. Corrosion of pipes, as well as high water pressure, are quite common reasons. Still, poorly constructed pipes and even rubbing against concrete can be sources of wear. If a leak arises from the slab, there will be recognizable indications. Higher than usual water costs are signs and symptoms, as is the sound of running water when all the taps have been turned off. There may also be a sewage smell. If you experience any of these, give us a quick call so we can help you minimize any type of potential water damage.

How much water is wasted in leaks?

It is important to understand how much water we can save with timely detection of slab leaks. Faults in the plumbing supply system are the key source of loss of water supply.

Consider that approximately 250 gallons of water can leak through a pipe crack of 1/8 inch. This is almost 2 times smaller than the diameter of an eraser in a second pencil.

In this capillary, a typical household leak is associated with over 10,000 gallons of water loss per year! This implies that 1/10 of household waste leaks through 90 gallons or more each day.

In general terms, and also to measure the magnitude of the leaks; The total amount of water leaking from American homes exceeds 1,000,000,000,000 gallons!

Now that you have information background and also recognize the importance of professional slab leak detection.

For the safety of your family and your residential or commercial property, you must ensure that you work with an expert company. Slab leak detection is a specific plumbing job for which Code compliant qualifications and licenses are required.

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Slab leaks are a given in places where the ground is unstable.

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