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If You Want To Avoid A Clogged Kitchen, Take Care Of The P-Trap in Brentwood Heights

Clogged Kitchen

If you are a person with little knowledge of plumbing, perhaps you have ever wondered what is that U-shaped tube that is under each of your sinks. Well, that pipe is known as the “P-trap” and we’ll explain why it’s there, what it does, and why it’s so essential to avoiding a clogged kitchen in Brentwood Heights.

Do You Know Where Debris Stops And Clogs Occur?

It is right in this piece where the drainage action begins. If you’re worried about the P-trap clogging up with debris, you don’t have to be. While this is where the first clogs occur, the curved section of the P-trap can allow you to easily clear any clogs you may be experiencing with your kitchen or bathroom sink.

This means that it is easier to deal with a clogged pipe with a P-trap than without. To tell if your pipes are clogged, you may notice a slow draining process. In many cases, you can use a plunger to break through these clogs, but if that doesn’t work, it’s best to call Sacramento plumbing contractors to help you with your unfortunate circumstance.

Another advantage is that the P-trap prevents larger or more valuable items from going down the drain. While P-traps weren’t primarily designed for this purpose, they can trap jewelry and other small items to prevent them from being lost and gone forever. Suppose a bracelet accidentally falls down the drain, the P-trap could see these types of valuables if they are heavy enough not to be washed away by the pressure of the water. If something like this happens, you need to turn off the water supply and remove the P-trap to retrieve your lost item. You should also consider hiring a qualified plumbing contractor if you are having trouble removing the P-trap yourself.

  • Other features of the P-trap

In addition to giving you the ability to rescue valuables that have accidentally fallen down the sink, the P-trap has other functions. For example, it keeps decomposition gases away from home. It is designed to prevent sewer gases from spreading in your home.

The operation of the P-trap is simply by leaving a bed of water inside the curve. If you notice moisture inside this P-trap, it’s supposed to be there, keeping your bathroom and kitchen from smelling like rotten eggs.

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