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Know The Main Causes Of A Clogged Sink in Brentwood Heights

Clogged Sink

Sinks get a standout job on a daily basis. Food remains are deposited in them, however, some other elements also reach us without realizing it, such as hair.

But many everyday products also contribute to the development of clogs in the sink.

What Causes Kitchen Sink Clogs?

Clogs that occur in kitchen sinks are usually due to one of three things: food, grease, or both.

When dishes are cleaned, food debris usually goes down the drain where it settles in the pipe trap, which is created to catch items of limited size to prevent them from traveling through the rest of your home’s plumbing system. As time goes by, more of these little bits of food accumulate there and eventually form a clog.

Grease also creates clogs, but it does so more slowly by covering the internal pipes for a longer time. Ultimately, it can shut off the water flow itself if it’s enough. Still, since it’s a sticky substance, it will usually collect particles, such as food that goes down the pipes. Ultimately the 2 together make one big messy clog.

The drawback of these types of obstructions is that they are not easy to remove. To prevent this type of clogging from occurring, we suggest you avoid pouring grease down the drain and scraping food particles from dishes and throwing them away before cleaning them in the sink.

What Causes Blockages In The Bathroom Sink?

Surprisingly, many bathroom sink clogs are caused by hair and soap, along with dirt and even skin flakes. Because soap is such a sticky compound, it quickly captures hair and other debris that goes down the sink drain, where it stays with the walls of the drain pipe.

One of the most convenient methods of preventing this type of clogging is to place a hair catcher in the drain opening to catch hair when washing your head in the sink or shower. This device prevents hair from falling under the pipe and allows you to lift it up for easy removal. We recommend this especially for the bathtub, as this is where many clogs can occur, including hair and soap.

If you are dealing with blockages that you could not remedy with home methods, then it is the ideal time to call one of our professional plumbers.

Let’s say that around the time you check for a clog, you start to have a hard time getting the sink free. In that case, we recommend that you avoid forcing the plug, as it can damage your pipes. It may seem like a simple job, however, cleaning a clogged sink in Brentwood Heights with sudden movements can cause damage to your kitchen or bathroom.

When you have plumbing problems, contact Angelino’s Plumbing Emergency Services Pacific Palisades. It has the best plumbers in the city, they have the experience and knowledge to solve all your plumbing problems.

Why Is It Better To Leave Your Clogged Sink In The Hands Of Specialists in Brentwood Heights?