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Leak Detection In Slab: The Best Way To Detect Leaks In Slab in Eastern Malibu

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks are a terrible problem – they can bring your property down when you least expect it. We’re not exaggerating: Slab leaks are not easy to discover, and if you don’t find a solution, you may have to deal with a lot of problems and damage to your property, not to mention your safety could be at risk.

The big distinction between slab leaks and water leaks is where they are found: you can find water leaks anywhere on your property, but slab leaks only grow below your property, on the slab. This means you can’t find those leaks in the slab as they remain in the structure of your property, and it’s a weird place to look. If you suspect you may have tile leaks in your home, the best thing to do is request a tile leak detection, so that a professional team can handle your problem without causing you further difficulty.

How can you tell if you have a leak in the slab on your property? Well, tile leaks aren’t much different than other types of water leaks: they will cause water damage, and you’ll start to see this damage in areas like your basement or garage if tile leaks under your property. You cannot discover slab leaks yourself, but slab leak detection in Eastern Malibu services can do it for you.

Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak is an underground pipe that is leaking water. A slab leak occurs when the lines on your property are old or unfit for use. Slab leaks can be caused by a variety of conditions, including pressure changes in the soil surrounding the property, earthquakes, temperature changes, and aging infrastructure. Older homes have more tile leaks because they are often built with lead pipes that cannot withstand changes in water pressure.

Slab leaks are usually discovered while another leak is being repaired, which is why slab leak detection often goes hand in hand with slab leak repairs. Leaks in the slab can be discovered through numerous methods, including using electronic equipment to view changes in the soil structure or manually probing around the location with a long metal rod to find the leak in the slab. If leaks are found in the slab, work to repair the leaks in the slab can begin.

No matter what type of slab leak you have, whether it is an old slab leak or a new slab leak, there are ways for you to find out if your property has them by contacting specialists. Slab leaks are not inexpensive to repair, however, slab leak repair work can save your property.

Some indications that may show that you have a leak in the slab in your house:

  • A leak in the slab will cause unusual sounds or no noise at all, depending on how you repaired it.
  • You notice strange discolorations or wet spots on the ceiling or walls
  • Water use is high on your property, but your next-door neighbor’s water meter indicates they are using less
  • Your water costs are much higher than normal

If you think that slab leaks are the cause of these problems, please do not hesitate to call our slab leak detection in Eastern Malibu service: we will take care of your problem as soon as possible.

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How Slab Leak Detection Can Save Your Residential Or Commercial Property From Collapse in Eastern Malibu