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Ready For Your Vacation? Check Your Plumbing Before


Do you have travel strategies for this Christmas? Planning a vacation is a labor-intensive job between booking flights, figuring out the perfect place to stay, and scheduling a full itinerary. You can get caught up in the frenzy of vacation planning. Before you roll your luggage out the door, you’ll want to make sure your plumbing remains in top condition for your soon-to-be-empty home.

After being out of town for a couple of days, the last thing you want to come home to is a plumbing catastrophe that you could have prevented with a quick basic checkup before you leave. In fact, we’ve asked our plumbers for recommendations to show you the most helpful steps that will make your plumbing system effective before you go.

  • Adjust The Hot Water Heater

If no one is home, there is no need for a constant supply of hot water. Leaving the water heater on its normal setting while the house is empty will be a huge waste of energy and hot water. Be sure to find the dial on the base of the system to turn it off or put it in “vacation mode.”

Turning off your water heater will not only help you save on next month’s utility costs, it will also prevent unwanted plumbing accidents. You’ll want to avoid a full-power hot water heater in an empty house in case it needs to be serviced while you’re away. If you’re going away for a couple of days and resist turning off the system completely, switch your water heater to the most economical setting available to save energy.

  • Close The Water Supply

Trust us; no one likes coming home from a relaxing trip to a water disaster at home. When you leave the main water supply on, there is a chance something could go wrong. At the same time, the house is empty, causing devastating damage and extensive plumbing repairs.

Initially, locate the primary water valve. In many homes, the valve is usually located in the basement and looks like a wheel-shaped lever or knob. Close it and open a faucet to validate that the water is completely cut off. Although this may seem like a simple action, it is crucial to keep in mind to turn off the water. If a pipe breaks or a fixture comes loose while you’re away, there won’t be water flooding your home.

  • Test The Sump Pump

If your home has a sump pump, you’ll want to make sure it remains in perfect working order before you head out on a trip. The summer season is full of unexpected occasions. A single day of rain can increase the threat of flooding or water damage to your basement.

Your sump pump works to prevent rainwater from entering your basement or crawl areas. However, a faulty sump pump can allow water to enter your home and pose a threat of flooding and even mold growth.

To test your sump pump, run some water through it! Fill the system with enough water to lift the float until it turns on. If the pump won’t start, your sump pump may require expert repair. On the other hand, if the pump is on, it needs to get almost all the water out of the well.

With these basic measures shown by our plumbers in Brentwood Heights, we guarantee that you will not have to worry during your trips other than having fun and spending quality time with your family.

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