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Vital Guide To Managing A Sink Clogged With Grease And Oil in Brentwood Heights

Clogged Sink

Although it’s a common problem, handling a clogged sink drain with cooking oil and grease can be challenging. Oil blockages are quite undesirable to deal with. Clogged toilets are an embarrassment that creeps into homes.

A clogged sink drain has a number of consequences. For example, you may experience terrible odors or perhaps flooding, which can lead to electrical shorts in severe cases.

Clogged sink in Brentwood are the worst plumbing problem a business like a restaurant can experience. It is always required to have the drains unclogged in a commercial establishment and even in the house.

Fortunately, if grease and oil are clogged, you can unblock your sink drain without seeking professional help. Still, you shouldn’t consider it if home methods don’t work due to the severity of the blockage. Here are some of the steps you can take for a sink clogged with grease and oil:

  • Sinking of the sink
    If your sink is currently clogged, you can submerge it to remove the clogs. While using a plunger to unclog a sink is an old method, it is still a very effective treatment for clogged drains. By sinking the sink, a tight vacuum seal develops around the drain opening, forcing trapped clogs and water into the drain opening. Since oils solidify upon cooling, the plunger successfully removes them just as it removes other types of debris that block drain lines.
  • Use cleaning agents
    Another technique for cleaning oil deposits from the drain is to dilute them with detergents. A cleaning agent damages their density, making them easier to flush down the drain. In this technique, take a cup of cleaning agent and mix it with boiling water. Then, pour the solution into the affected sink. The hot water will soften the solidified oils, while the cleaning agent will break them down. Then run hot water through the sink for a few minutes by turning on the hot water faucet. Doing so will empty the drain completely. If you don’t flush your sink drain with a little warm water, the remaining oil deposits can harden back up and clog the drain once again.
  • Apply commercial drain cleaning supplies.
    You can also unclog your sink drain with chemical drain cleaners. These items are offered at local hardware and grocery stores. But you must be careful when using these, since they can deteriorate your pipes in the long term. The products contain chemicals that work by breaking down the fortified oils. Most drain cleaners work in half an hour. Once the chemicals break down the greases, flush the drain with some warm water to prevent the chemical from damaging the pipe and to remove any liquefied oils.

How To Avoid Oil Clogging?

Cooking oils that are used on a daily basis are one of the main causes of clogged drain pipes. Both olive oil and fat should never be disposed of in a garbage disposal or sink drain.

They should never be dropped down any type of drain. The fats that become part of the compounds that make up cooking oil harden when they come into contact with cold water.

Oils smoke when cooking. They tend to solidify once they come into contact with cold water in a drain pipe. Solidified greases develop hard deposits inside drain lines.

Solidified deposits clog the drain. The best method of disposing of cooking oil is to put it in an airtight jar or bottle and throw it away after the fats have thickened. This way, your drains will be free of oil and you won’t have to deal with a clogged sink in Brentwood.

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