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What Accessories Can You Use To Avoid A Clogged Sink in Eastern Malibu?

Clogged Sink

Sinks serve particular functions in your home, but if you like to cook, they may require additional use of the sink. In general, typical bathroom and clogged sink in Eastern Malibu aren’t equipped to handle anything more than your traditional meals and running water. Installing additional sink features will give you options to protect it from daily use.

A plumbing technician can install kitchen area sink upgrades and extras for various places in your home, or you can purchase fixtures at home improvement stores. Here are some features you can contribute to protect your pipelines and allow you to fully enjoy your activities.

  • Strainers in the sink.
    When cooking or washing dishes, it is normal for some strong residue to seep into the sink. If you allow this solid waste to go down your sink drain, it can quickly develop clogs through the pipes. A safe drain strainer will allow you to clog items and protect your drain pipes from additional particles.
  • Grease trap
    Although its use is more common in restaurants and commercially, there are also models of grease traps for the home. If you are one of those who uses a lot of fat when cooking or you want to keep your sink in much better condition, this is your best option.

The function of a grease trap is to collect and therefore decrease the variety of greases, oils and greases (FOG’s) that enter main sewers. Over time, grease entering the main sewer system will cause clogs, foul odors, and insect invasion. They are designed only for kitchen wastewater to flow through them and should never have wastewater from other sources in the drainage system.

Why Do Kitchen Area Sinks Clog Clog?

The reason your kitchen area clogged sink in Eastern Malibu is probably because of what is being flushed down the drain. Most of the time, homeowners are not aware of what they are throwing into the waste disposal unit, if there is one. From eggshells to bacon grease, whatever slows down the drain, right? Well, that’s where you would be wrong.

First of all, fats, coffees, oils or fats should never be thrown down the drain. Even in conjunction with hot water from the sink, grease will freeze in the drain and cause a blockage. Hot water can postpone the procedure, but it’s only a matter of time. The material compacts in the pipe with the coffee grounds and forms a severe blockage.

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