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Slab Leak Detection: Best Service For Slab Leak Problems in Brentwood Heights

Slab Leak Detection

Water leaks are among the most typical problems in commercial and residential properties. The leak can be caused by bad plumbing, a damaged pipe joint, or a crack in the tile. They are difficult to detect due to the fact that they have very little noise and cannot be seen unless there is pooled water under the slab. When you think about pipes that can break anywhere from the main to the toilet, this makes tile leaks among the most difficult problems to identify.

Overflows are often mistaken for a slab leak, for example, since they have the same color and characteristics as a leaking pipe. However, the overflow will not go away on its own, so it should be fixed immediately. We encourage people to apply for slab Leak detection in Brentwood Heights if they think they might have a Slab Leak issue.

How Can You Tell You Have A Leak In The Slab?

Unfortunately, the only way to know if your property has a tile leak problem is to call a plumber. Plumbers will look at pipes and components using special tools to detect leaks that are imperceptible to the naked eye. They are also trained in the use of dye tests, which allow them to see where the water really comes from. In some cases, the plumber may need to install a leak detector, which can be left to detect water.

What Triggers A Leak In The Slab?

Slab leaks are caused by cracks in the plumbing pipes under the floorboards or broken pipe connections. The hole that triggers it is usually very small and goes unnoticed. There are also numerous circumstances where there is no hole at all and the pipe has corroded.

What Is Slab Leak Detection?

Slab leak detection is a non-invasive way to find the area of ​​the leak. There are 2 types of slab leak detection in use today, and they involve the use of chemicals that will change color if there is water on them. Both chemical methods should be used, as one alone may not work.
The first type of vent leak detection is the dye test, in which the plumber will put a chemical in the pipes and wait for them to leak. It changes its color if water seeps through it.
Another type of slab leak detection, which is more reliable than color detection, involves placing a single porous pipe with an inflatable ball on top. If the ball starts to increase, it indicates that there is a leak inside the pipe. The plumber can now find the specific location of the leak in the slab using his tools and experience in finding leaks.

What Are The Consequences Of A Slab Leak Problem?

Toilets, as well as other plumbing around the property, can be damaged if neglected. Water can seep into nearby spaces and even into walls as it leaves the slab. This is the reason why immediate steps should be taken to repair a problem like this before it gets worse and causes more problems for you. Slab leaks do more damage when neglected, so it’s important to spot leaks instantly and deal with them.

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